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"Bloom" button brews French Press quality

Simple one-button operation, easy to clean

Developed by a 30-year industry veteran

"This is my coffee maker for the next 30 years." 

- Bob L, verified customer

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Why thousands have stopped using French Press and wasting money on overpriced coffee shops after trying our brewer...

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    This brewer uses a quick heating element that consistently delivers 195°F to 205°F water, so you can enjoy the perfect temperature brew each and every time.

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    The wide shower head and Bloom function work with the correct water pressure, drip distance and #4 filter shape to create even saturation.

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    The recommended recipe for a filter coffee is approx. 6-9 grams or 1 rounded tablespoon per cup of coffee. Our brewer ensures this every time for a full and rich flavor

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    If the coffee is over-extracted, the coffee will taste bitter. If espresso is under-extracted it will be too light and acidic. One 6-minute Simply Good Brew cycle produces optimal extraction.

30-Day moneyback Guarantee | 2 year warranty

Loved by thousands

  • “Love my new coffeemaker!”

    Love my new coffeemaker. Takes a little getting used to with the basket close-off. Like the fact the close-off lets me grab a quick cup of my favorite Brew...Stringbean Coffee

    Theodore, USA

  • “Lovely”

    I adore my new coffee maker!! I own a mobile coffee trailer and initially ordered it for the business, but it looks like i'll need to order another because once I tested it out in the house, I decided it needed to stay!!

    Tiffany, USA

  • “Great Maker!”

    It makes the best ho-made cup of coffee I’ve ever had. After juggling the variables, it’s darn delicious. I bought it on recommendation of Peter Cohen the roaster at “Stringbean Coffee”, my local purveyor.

    Jerry, USA

  • “Meet your new coffee maker!”

    Out of the box this machine was brewing up on mean cup of joe!! With it’s aesthetically pleasing design backed by its contemporary approach to brewing makes this a winner!!

    Jay, USA

Brews up to 8 cups of coffee in 6 minutes

Simple one button operation

Special "Bloom" button recreates that delicious pour-over flavor

Designed by a 30-year industry veteran

Steady brew temperature maximizes flavor extraction

Compact design doesn't take up counter space

Removable parts, dishwasher-safe parts means easy clean up

100% quality guarantee

With our 100% quality guarantee you can shop 100% Risk-Free. If you’re not satisfied with your brewer in the first 30 days, we’ll refund you - no questions asked.

The Brewer


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Developed by a 30-year industry veteran to brew coffee as it was intended. Brews coffee with round, rich, full flavor, and no bitterness!

Brew up to 8 cups in just 6 minutes

Extracts more flavour than normal machines

Crafted by a 30-year coffee industry veteran

30-Day Moneyback Guarantee

With our 100% quality guarantee you can shop 100% Risk-Free. If you’re not satisfied with your brewer in the first 30 days, we’ll refund you - no questions asked.

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A note from THE founder

My secret to life changing coffee…

I believe everyone can, and should, enjoy great coffee. After 30 years in the specialty coffee industry, I’ve helped cafés worldwide serve great coffee to their customers. My new mission is to bring that gold standard cup to your home.

So why does your current home brewer make tepid and bitter coffee? The freshly roasted coffee beans are not to blame! Today, most manufacturers focus on designing coffee makers with bells and whistles at the expense of great taste.

For years, I’ve created coffee enthusiasts in my home, and my secret? Our affordable and easy-to-use brewer that fills your kitchen with warm, comforting aromas and your cup with brewed gold.

Now it’s your turn. Start brewing and sharing Simply Good Coffee so your friends and family can discover the secret of life-changing coffee.


Laura Sommers, Founder & CEO

30-Day moneyback Guarantee | 2 year warranty

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