How does the Bloom work?

SimplyGoodCoffee has a single setting option, it is for Bloom. You simply switch it ON (up position) and it will work for every brew from then on. There is no need to toggle the switch. The brewer will saturate the ground coffee in the brew basket and automatically pause the water flow for the proper amount of time so the trapped gases are released from the freshly ground coffee. This enables the rest of the brew cycle to extract properly as expelling the natural gas from the freshly ground coffee allows the water to soak into the coffee thoroughly for better extraction. You’ll taste less bitterness and a fuller rounder flavor from the coffee. Allowing the coffee to Bloom is a popular technique for the pour-over method of hand preparing coffee with a kettle.

Are the parts dishwasher safe?

The plastic parts are dishwasher safe and designed to be easily removed for this purpose. Do not place the brewer in the dishwasher, and do not submerge the brewer in water to clean.

Where is SimplyGoodCoffee located?

Our main office and mailing address is 4116 116th Ave SE, Olympia, WA 98501-9523. Please contact us prior to visiting.

Where is your shipping facility?

Product is shipped the same day as the order is placed from South Carolina, USA.

Are replacement parts and accessories available?

Yes. Simply visit our website to purchase or contact brew@simplygoodcoffee.com for assistance.

How long is the warranty?

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee with refunds available for 30 days from purchase, and 2-year warranty for quality workmanship and defects.

Where is the SimplyGoodCoffee brewer manufactured?

Manufacturing is done in China following strict work safety and product quality standards. The factory was selected for their long history manufacturing home coffee makers and their commitment to quality.

How many ounces are in a cup?

Home coffee brewers define 5 ounces as a cup/serving in North America. Maximum capacity is approximately 40 ounces or eight 5-ounce cups.

What size coffee filter does the SimplyGoodCoffee maker use?

#4 filters, available at most grocery stores. For the best fit and filtration, fold the filter on the bottom and the side perforated seams.

Are the plastic parts BPA and Phthalates free?


What is the heating element made of?

Our industry-leading 1,560-watt heater has many thousands of hours of cycle/durability testing and years of in-use track record on many makes and models of high-quality in-home coffee makers worldwide. It was selected for these reasons. It is made primarily of food-grade aluminum and is a cast part, with some steel and copper tubing, and an efficient conventional element. It is considered an excellent modern design. A copper hand-built heater, for example, would not make for a good choice, as it has drawbacks regarding actual efficiency and manufacturability and is therefore not selected by almost any other brand for this purpose, even super-premium brands ($500+) for their drip coffee makers. The precision and quick heating aspects of our cast food-grade aluminum heater make it a modern standard that exceeds speed to temperature and temperature stability requirements, making it a perfect choice for the SimplyGoodCoffee™ home brewer.

Descaling / Cleaning:

SimplyGoodCoffee (as with all other quality home coffee makers) strongly recommends descaling your brewer around every 100 brews. This usually is a 15-minute task every 3 months, or so. We recommend using Urnex or a similar coffee machine descaling solution. Please note that descaler should not be confused with coffee machine cleaner which does not remove mineral scale deposits. It is important to use descaler to avoid mineral deposit build-up which can clog the brewer affecting its operation and the coffee taste. De-scaler is designed to break down mineral buildup inside your coffee maker to ensure great coffee and consistent functionality. Follow the descaler manufacturer’s instructions for use. We do not recommend using vinegar, baking soda or other household products to descale your coffee maker.  

Note: if your coffee maker is steaming more than usual or does not complete a full brewing cycle, it is time to descale. 

Should I use hot or cold water to make coffee?


How do I report a product issue?

Please email us at brew@simplygoodcoffee.com.

Why is my coffee not as hot as usual?

This is a typical sign of mineral scale buildup. Please descale your coffee brewer or contact us at brew@simplygoodcoffee.com if the issue persists.

Why are there coffee grounds in my coffee?

This is likely the result of using coffee that is too finely ground or not folding the filters at the seams as recommended which may cause the filter to fold and coffee grounds to spill over and into the carafe.

Who is behind SimplyGoodCoffee?

Laura Sommers is our founder and CEO. She has over 30 years in specialty coffee and thought it was time to offer a home brewer that was easy to use and affordable so that the folks in the specialty coffee industry (Roasters and Coffee shop owners) could be confident all their hard work producing coffee would not be lost by the customer preparing the coffee at home in a sub-par brewer. Laura’s mantra is “coffee taste is paramount, ease of use is required, and lower cost makes this a great value for millions more households”.

SCA approved?

The SimplyGoodCoffee brewer meets or exceeds the Specialty Coffee Association specifications, which are generally accepted to produce a quality cup of coffee. The SimplyGoodCoffee brewer was designed and is independently lab tested to meet water temperature, water to ground coffee ratio, brew time, and our own design parameters that ensure great coffee flavor. 

Why is the brewer so affordable compared to other premium brewers?

We designed the brewer for manufacturability (some other brewers are still hand-made) and affordability, and we left off the bells and whistles that are not required to produce great coffee taste but adds cost. Finally, customers buy directly from us (shipped the same day as the order from South Carolina) so distributor and retail markups are avoided. The SimplyGoodCoffee distribution model benefits the consumer, saving as much as 50% compared to other high quality home brewers.

Is the SimplyGoodCoffee brewer available in stores?

No and yes. We partner with Cafes and Roasters across the US, so customers can visit them to see the brewer and speak about why they recommend the SimplyGoodCoffee brewer. The brewer can be ordered at our Partners’ cafes, shops, roasteries and on their websites. We ship the brewers the same day they are ordered and the Café/Roaster will get a commission for recommending the brewer. The SimplyGoodCoffee brewer is not available at any mass retailer or discounter. And you will not find the SimplyGoodCoffee brewer at a lower price than what is available at our Café/Roaster Partners.

What if I don’t like the brewer or the taste?

Simply return it for a full refund. Obtain a Return Authorization at brew@simplygoodcoffee.com or call toll free at 877-355-5684.