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Rich, full flavor brew developed by a 30-year industry veteran.
  • Simple one button operation
  • Steady brew temperature maximizes flavor
  • Compact design takes up minimal counter space

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Product Details

Developed by a 30-year industry veteran to brew coffee as it was intended. Brews coffee with round, rich, full flavor, and no bitterness!  
  • Brews up to 8 cups in just 6 minutes
  • Simple one button operation
  • "Bloom" button recreates that delicious pour-over flavor
  • Designed by a 30-year industry veteran
  • Steady brew temperature maximizes flavor extraction
  • Compact design doesn't take up counter space
  • Removable parts, dishwasher-safe parts means easy clean up


2-year Warranty:
Simply Good Coffee, Inc. (SGC) warrants that your brewer will be free of defects in materials or workmanship under normal home use for two years from the date of purchase.

See full warranty here.

Full Specs

  • Weight 7.4 lb
  • Dimensions: Depth  13.7" Height 14.6" Width 7.8"
  • Carafe: Glass
  • Carafe Capacity:  8 cups (5 oz each)
  • Filter Basket: compatible with #4 Cone Coffee Filters
  • SCA: independently tested to meet SCA specifications
  • Settings:  Bloom ON/OFF (Do not need to toggle, automatic) 
  • BPA, BPS and Phthalate free: Yes
  • Heating element: Aluminum
  • Cord Storage: Cord channel in the bottom of the unit. Cord can exit left, right and back of the unit based on user preference.
  • Brewing Temperature Range: 195-205 F
  • Water Filter: No
  • Rated voltage: 120V, 60Hz
  • Rated power input: 1560W

What’s Included

  • Brewer with bloom switch and warming plate
  • Water tank lid
  • Showerhead
  • Filter basket
  • Filter basket lid
  • Glass carafe
  • Carafe lid with mixing tube
  • User manual
  • #4 paper filters
  • 2 year warranty

Shipping & Returns

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5-Star Brewer, 5-Star Reviews.

“This is the best coffee maker I've ever had (and I own a coffee shop). Absolutely love this one!”

Hallie R.
Verfied Reviewer

"Not your average coffee machine. It's so smooth and easy to use. I've put my French Press away!"

Bree L.
Verfied Reviewer

"With it’s aesthetically pleasing design backed by its contemporary approach to brewing, this is a winner!"

Jay H.
Verfied Reviewer

A Brew Above the Rest

Everything you need in a premium home brewer with cafe-quality coffee at half the cost of our competitors.

Easy to use
Auto Bloom
Cost $149 $339 $299

Why SimplyGoodCoffee?

Ideal Brew Temperature

Our pumpless design ensures 195°F to 205°F water is used to brew the coffee, so it's perfect every single time.

Proper Saturation

Our bloom, shower head and basket shape allow water to fully saturate the coffee grounds resulting in better flavor.

Quick, Easy, Convenient

Our 6-minute brew cycle for 8 cups makes a perfect pot of coffee quickly at the touch of a button.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Bloom button work?

You simply switch it ON (up position) and it will work for every brew from then on. No need to watch or toggle the switch, just leave it ON. It will saturate the ground coffee in the brew basket and automatically pause allowing the proper time for the grinds to off-gas. This enables the rest of the brew cycle to extract properly as expelling the natural gas from the freshly ground coffee allows the water to soak into the coffee better for better extraction. You’ll taste less bitterness and a fuller rounder flavor from the coffee. Allowing the coffee to Bloom is a popular technique for the pour-over method of hand preparing coffee with a kettle.

How long is the Warranty?

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee with refunds available for 30 days from purchase, and 2 year warrantee on quality workmanship and defects.

Does the brewer have a hot plate?

Yes, our brewer has an automatic hot plate that will keep your coffee at the perfect temperature WITHOUT burning it for up to 40 minutes, at which point it shuts off automatically.

What size coffee filter does the brewer use?

#4 filters. For the best fit and filtration, fold the perforated seams of the filter, common for most brewers.

How do I make less than 8 cups of coffee?

You can simply use less water in the reservoir! Our water reservoir has measurement lines showing how many grams of coffee you will need, and how many cups of coffee it will produce.

Are the parts dishwasher safe?

The plastic parts are dishwasher safe and designed to be easily removed for this purpose. Do not place the brewer in the dishwasher, and do not submerge the brewer in water to clean.

Who is behind this brewer?

Laura Sommers is our founder and CEO. She has over 30 years in specialty coffee and thought it was time to offer a home brewer that was easy to use and affordable so that the folks in the specialty coffee industry (Roasters and Coffee shop owners) could be confident all their hard work producing the coffee would not be lost when the customer prepared the coffee at home in a sub-par brewer. Laura’s mantra is “coffee taste is paramount, ease of use is required, and lower cost makes this a great value for millions more households”.

“Intentionally easy to operate…while still being able to deliver high-quality specialty coffee.”

“ has floored me in its attention to meeting all the important brewing details."

"Familiar, approachable, and simple while making high-quality coffee."

5,000+ Homes Trust SimplyGoodCoffee.

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