Moccamaster Alternatives: A Better Brewer at a Fraction of the Price

Moccamaster Alternatives: A Better Brewer at a Fraction of the Price

If you’re on the hunt for a new coffee brewer, you can’t avoid the Technivorm Moccamaster. It seems to be promoted everywhere as the #1 machine on the market. 

But, as with any big purchase, it’s important to look a bit deeper beyond the hype and find out what you’re getting. After all, the Moccamaster costs around  $350-$450!

Why is the Moccamaster so expensive? Does Moccamaster really make better coffee, or are the promotions you can’t seem to escape mostly paid advertisements disguised as reviews? And, is there a superior alternative to Technivorm Moccamaster?

These are just a few of the questions we’re going to answer today. After all, we live and breathe coffee - and want to help you enjoy it as much as we do

That’s why today, we’re going to introduce you to a Moccamaster alternative that helps you consistently create better coffee at a fraction of the price. You don’t have to break the bank just to enjoy delicious, full-flavor cup coffee at home. 

Before we discuss our new coffee brewer, let’s provide some background information on the popular Technivorm Moccamaster.

Why is Moccamaster Expensive?

Advertised for $339 or more, the Moccamaster is quite the investment. That’s more than 2x the cost of many other premium drip coffee makers. 

So, why is it so expensive? It’s been said that the hefty cost is attributed to the fact that these machines are built by hand in the Netherlands and this leads to a long lifespan of more than 20 years. 

Others say it’s because the machine is super easy to use, and can brew your coffee in under 5 minutes. You can press a button and let the machine handle the rest. 

We’ve even seen individuals justify the purchase because the machine looks luxurious, and adds a premium feel to their kitchen. For some, it’s less about the coffee and more about the aesthetic. 

And, the claim of delivering a superior cup of coffee is made along with some folk’s opinion that Technivorm invented the pumpless tower brewer design, so it's the original. They feel better buying a piece of coffee history. But, Moccamaster is not the original, it came years after Wigomat launched their brewer. Wigomat was the world's first electrical drip coffee maker, it was patented in 1954 and Technivorm’s first brewer actually looked a lot like it.

The Technivorm Moccamaster is largely sold via distributors and retailers in the US. This means more people get paid along the supply chain so everyone gets a piece of the pie. The end result? About 50% of the cost of machines like Moccamaster goes to retailers and distributors - with no benefit regarding quality or taste for you.

But, we want to pose a better question - one that actually helps you determine if you should go with an alternative to the Technivorm Moccamaster. Is it worth it? Does the Moccamaster really make better coffee?

Here’s Why Coffee Lovers Are Seeking a Better Alternative to Technivorm Moccamaster…

The truth is, Technivorm Moccamaster is a great machine. But at the expensive price point of $339 or more, it’s hard for most people to justify the cost. Rather than get technical and point out some of the shortcomings of the machine itself, we figure you’d rather hear from people who took a chance on the Moccamaster and were left sorely disappointed:

“Sorry to all the 5-Star lunatics gushing over this thing, but it's really nothing but a horribly overpriced ripoff. Apparently, most of the 5-Star crazies have no idea of what a really well-brewed cup of prime coffee tastes like. Or else it must have a huge markup for retailers who promote it endlessly as one of the best coffeemakers out there, since it absolutely, positively is NOT.”

“I watch the review videos of several coffee blogs before I decided to buy this. The blogs turned out to be pure marketing and nothing more. This makes the same cup of coffee as any other drip machine that uses "correct-ish" temp water.”

“Looks great, but produces tasteless coffee. We are big fans of mild roast for the flavor, and were not able to make anything tasting differently than hot water, no savor, no flavor, no aroma (or just a little).”

“This coffee maker is just too cumbersome. There are way too many parts to it - many of which are just plastic and will surely break over time. The inside where the water goes molds easily due to the plastic which is very difficult to clean and it's just overall not the top choice for the money.”

“For the money, I was expecting this brewer to make great coffee. I like my coffee very dark and rich (like the kind of cup you get from Peet's ). This system brewed very weak coffee, no matter what the amount of coffee I used.”

“We were able to make coffee with it but it was very weak and you can't add more coffee or it will cause it to overflow. Not at all worth the price. Most cheap drip coffee makers will make better coffee. It was difficult to put together and all the parts did not stay "clicked" together.”

So, What is the Best Moccamaster Alternative?

Maybe the Moccamaster is the right machine for you. But, before you decide one way or the other, hear us out for a moment as we introduce you to the best alternative to Technivorm Moccamaster. 

Why SimplyGoodCoffee is the Premier Moccamaster Alternative

Our brewer is the product of decades of experience in the specialty coffee industry. Throughout our travels, we’ve seen firsthand what separates the best coffee from the rest. 

A lot of it comes down to the quality of the beans used (visit your local cafe or roaster for the best selection, freshly roasted and ground to perfection)- but the coffee maker you use also plays a critical role in the quality of your coffee. So, we’ve developed an innovative machine based on tried and true brewing principles that delivers a delicious pour-over taste with none of the hassle. We focused keenly on taste, while making a brewer that is surprisingly affordable.

Regarding taste, the SimplyGoodCoffee brewer delivers consistent water brewing temperatures of 195°F to 205°F due to our investment in the best modern water heater design. Our  40-minute auto timer hot plate keeps the coffee warm, but won’t cook it, which coffee lovers know is very important to overall flavor. We pair the pumpless design with an automatic pre-infusion (or bloom) mode to get the best flavor from freshly roasted coffee. And the overall brew cycle and shower head design delivers optimal extraction.. The filter basket shape and size is designed to deliver the best coffee flavor from the right coffee-to-water ratio and overall brew cycle time. The end result? Round, rich, full-flavored coffee with none of the bitterness!

Now, the Moccamaster lacks this automatic bloom feature - also known as pre-infusion. This is a process that involves wetting the coffee grounds with hot water for a short period of time and pausing, giving the freshly ground coffee time to release carbon dioxide and allowing the water to better absorb into the grounds for a more flavorful and balanced cup of coffee.

While the Moccamaster lacks this automatic feature, many suggest that you can turn the brewer off, wait a bit, and then turn it back on. Or, you can consider removing the lid and stirring the coffee and water during the brewing process to try to get an even extraction or the bloom effect. Why go through all this when machines like ours have this feature built-in, avoiding the need for you to babysit your coffee brewing? 

That’s not the only reason to love SimplyGoodCoffee. Our machine is incredibly simple and straightforward. You can brew 2-8 cups of coffee with a single press of a button - enjoying that first cup in just 3-6 minutes.

The best part? Our alternative to Technivorm Moccamaster costs a fraction of the price at just $149.95. Our commitment to quality, service and value are evident in our distribution model that is not delivering profits to retailers and distributors and costing you 50% more like Moccamaster, but delivering the best coffee experience to you at the best possible price. We even ship your order free the same day as ordered, direct to you from South Carolina. We’re so confident you’re going to agree it's worth every penny that we also back your order up with a risk-free 30-day guarantee. 

And, if you’re still not convinced this is the right Moccamaster alternative for your unique needs, see what others had to say about SimplyGoodCoffee after owning it…

Don’t Just Take Our Word For it…

“I love this so much. Not only does it create the perfect pot of coffee, it makes it so easy and quick. It has so many functions that help the coffee really develop as it should. The bloom option is amazing and the machine is easy to clean. It’s the only one we’ll be using from here on out.” - Kristin

“This coffee maker is so gorgeous and brews the best coffee!! I LOVE the design and it looks so good on my counter. It looks very high-end and professional and produces great coffee. It’s also really fun to watch it at work. I absolutely love this coffee machine!” - Darolyn

“I adore my new coffee maker!! I own a mobile coffee trailer and initially ordered it for the business, but it looks like I'll need to order another because once I tested it out in the house, I decided it needed to stay!!” - Tiffany

These are just a few of the many reviews we’ve already earned so far. Our machine is trusted by hundreds of local coffee shops and can be found on the counter in homes all across America. Once you taste that first sip, you’ll see why this is the #1 alternative to Technivorm Moccamaster!

Plus, our machine was reviewed by Kevin Sinnnot - a reputable and independent coffee expert. As a trusted source by PBS, Oprah, and more. And he found that our machine delivers coffee flavor that is every bit as good as the Moccamaster at less than half the cost! 

Wrapping Up Our Discussion on the #1 Moccamaster Alternative

You came here searching for a Moccamaster alternative, and hopefully, you now see why coffee lovers are choosing SimplyGoodCoffee instead of the expensive Technivorm machine. 

While some will still continue to justify the expensive price tag of the Moccamaster, you know better now. And at this point, it’s time to experience the difference yourself. So, get the #1 Moccamaster alternative today at SimplyGoodCoffee or a local coffee roaster near you!

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